Outriders offers a rich world of lore and mysteries

Outriders offers a rich world of lore and mysteries

Returning to the world of Outriders is a bittersweet feeling. 

After playing Outriders for the first time during its release early last year, it was obvious that this would be a short and sweet experience based on my introduction to the game’s story and its combat style. After sinking multiple hours into its combat system and multiplayer I was pretty surprised to have found a third-person shooter with such addicting features and fun combat. 

Though the combat system is full of fun moves and intuitive combos perfect for mindless debauchery and late-night multiplayer runs, where this game really falls flat is its story.  

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The “Apocalypse Now” Esq story was tough to latch on to mainly due to the lack of character development and the overwhelming amount of information they attempt to feed you in a 15-minute intro sequence that was forgettable the second you get into any combat. 

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