E-Talking crashes onto Love On The Rocks with a 4-track EP that’s weirder, faster and harder than anything Paramida’s ever-evolving imprint has put out to date; pushing the label into new territory that’s both undeniably fresh and unmistakably true-to-form.

The Berlin-via-London-based French producer, one half of the duo & collective Nummer, released his studio debut on AD93 in 2018 and his first album on Going Good in 2021, with productions that are both dense and intricate, overflowing with ideas in a way that grabs your attention from the first note and never lets go.

‘The Cosmic Egg’ refers to the (now-established) understanding of our ever-expanding universe; extrapolated backwards in time, it implies a finite starting-time and a small starting-place, from which the entire cosmos metaphorically hatched. Not unlike the journey of this EP, which Paramida and Alex Kassian have been incubating, along with a close friendship with its’ hotly-tipped French producer, since early lockdown days.

A1 PADS & FROGS finds E-TALKING presumably up to his eyeballs in a psychedelic rainforest, awash with swirling pads, lush percussion and more than a few non-human friends. It could very easily be the soundtrack to the hatching of the cosmos, and it certainly serves that function here, giving way to the EP’s first big leap into new territory with RISE UP, turning up the pace considerably into the 140s and wasting no time in serving up some seriously pounding cosmic techno, LOTR-style, with some unexpected twists and turns halfway through. It’s all in the switches and details here.

LIFE BEGINS NOW doesn’t let up the pace while proceeding with more of a house sensibility, with layers of percussion and grooves building off each other to a huge drop, which is really just teasing a final twist that sends this one fully into intricate, exquisite orbit, while NEIDAN brings us slowly back to Earth and into the lower 130 regions for another slamming house workout with all the hallmarks of a future LOTR classic: the warmth of the sun, cosmic energy to infinity and the promise of good times ahead.

Previously, the universe was thought of as eternally old, with no start and no growth. Boring. This EP exemplifies just how wrong that is: an adrenaline-fuelled salute to the constant creative expansion of the universe, and all the weird beings who inhabit it.

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