German producer, Parra for Cuva drops his highly anticipated album ‘Juno’. Containing sounds from around the world, ‘Juno’ was nonetheless almost entirely produced within the four walls of the artist’s studio in Berlin. That’s the beauty of the 21st century though, one barely has to leave a room to travel far and wide and be inspired by distant places and peoples. Parra for Cuva’s previous highly acclaimed album, Paspatou, already carved a unique position for the artist who brought a truly original sound to electronic music by mixing emotional dance floor experimentations with acoustic and worldly soundscapes. Juno takes this global exploration even further with the influence of seven musicians and their different instruments.

Manila Palm is Juno’s focus track. The track evokes a strong sense of storytelling through its various mood progressions and cycles. Guitar cuts, heavy bassline, and a James Brown-style drum set give the tune a warm, comforting feel that nonetheless surprises listeners with its changing pace. The track’s accompanying music video, directed by the Brazilian-Japanese, Rodrigo Inada provides the images to this mysterious Berlin tale; depictions of quotidian urban youth activities are juxtaposed with a birds-eye-view of the city. The pitched-down vocals add a familiar narrator to this enigmatic saga.

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1. Her Entrance
2. Juno
3. Ordel
4. Slow Your Bloom
5. Impalas
6. Manila Palm
7. Cuiva
8. Dream Reverb
9. Juniper Green
10. Koin
11. Kamara
12. Merlins Head
13. Planet and Body

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