Paul Rose aka Scuba, one of the UK’s most versatile electronic producers, has achieved another career milestone having composed his first original film soundtrack. Working under the pseudonym, ‘P.Rose’, the artist has written and produced the soundtrack to the whistle-blower comedy-thriller ‘Blow Up My Life’, which is set for worldwide release today, 21 November, 2023.

‘Blow Up My Life’ won Best Film at the Harlem International Film Festival 2023 and tells the story of a disgraced pharmaceutical employee who accidentally discovers a deadly opioid vape conspiracy, sending him on the run to expose the crime with a trail of chaos in his wake.

Of the experience, Rose shares: “It was a big challenge writing the soundtrack for a comedy, electronic producers usually get asked to do Sci Fi. But I learned a huge amount and I’m really happy with the results. After I finished the project, I wanted to do something as far away from it as possible, which is where the Digital Underground project started,” he says speaking of his recent ‘90s rave-influenced mixtape on Hotflush.

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Jason Selvig as Jason Trumble
Kara Young as Charlie August
Ben Horner as Blake Davis
Davram Stiefler as Gary Johannsen
Reema Sampat as Priya Prasad
John Jeffrey Martin as Interviewer

Written & Directed by: Ryan Dickie & Abigail Horton
Produced by: Alisha Bhowmik, Ryan Dickie & Abigail Horton
Executive Producers: Abigail Horton, Ryan Dickie, Paul Horton, John Jeffrey Martin, Sarah Donnenberg & Kirstin VanSkiver
Associate Producer: Louise Brown
Original Music: P. Rose
Sound Design & Mix: Colin Alexander
Production Design: Becca Brooks Morrin
Cinematography: Ryan Dickie
Edited by: Ryan Dickie & Abigail Horton
Casting Director: Laura Garrison
Color Correction: Jenny Montgomery at Company 3
Assistant Director: Alisha Bhowmik
Gaffer: Rommel Genciana
Assistant Camera & DIT: Nikita Carpenter
Steadicam & Key Grip: Stephen Rathier
Sound Recording & Carpentry: Paul Horton
Drone Operators: John Wareham, Rommel Genciana
Visual Effects: Eddie Porter, Alex Wawroski, Mike Anderson
Motion Graphics: Loris Ravera
Title & Credit Design: Ryan Massiah
Graphic Design: Antonio Santos
Logo Design: Andrew Wessels
Additional Editing: Ed Yonaitis
Additional Music & Lyrics: Peter Horton
Additional Vocals: Yui Matsumura
Catering: Louise Brown
Covid Compliance Officer: Nany Pop
Costume Consultant: Victoria Bek
Technical Consultant: Brad Goslee
Legal Counsel: Paul Szynol at Film Law Group

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