PAX West 2022 was a return to form for the convention. After one year completely off (2020) and a year that was very much feeling the effects of the pandemic (2021), 2022 saw the return of big-name developers like Nintendo and Larian Studios, and the show floor was poppin’. There were substantial show pieces and larger-than-life statues, including my favorite, Miriel, the Pastor of Vows from Elden Ring. Honestly, it felt like coming home, and two weeks later, I’m still buzzing from it.

I attended PAX West 2022 with a couple of writers from Magnetic Magazine, and we were fortunate enough to get hands-on, behind closed doors demos and developer interviews with some of the biggest games in attendance. Below I sit with Tanner Little and Ryan Oberg to talk with them about the five games that left the biggest impressions on us, along with an honorable mention from each of us. Let’s get stuck in.

System Shock

Adam: System Shock was extremely impressive to me. After following its development hell, it was honestly refreshing to sit down with it and come away thinking that we might have a certified hit on our hands next year. A few things stuck with me: The visuals. And the care and attention paid to keeping the hardcore DNA of System Shock intact, while modernizing it. The world of System Shock is painstakingly recreated and updated to a modern engine. Still, there is an almost low-fi quality to it that is really, really unique and works exceptionally well for me.

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