Peshay, is a globally recognised music artist known for his unique style and innovative approach. A pivotal figure in the evolution of drum and bass music, Peshay has left a profound mark on the global music scene. His revolutionary contributions to drum and bass music have been a testament to his limitless creativity, garnering critical acclamation and establishing him as a trailblazer in the music industry. His exquisite amalgamations of fast-paced beats, nuanced tones and masterful rhythms, leave a lasting impact on listeners and reaffirm Peshay’s status as a distinctive artist.

Spanning 18 tracks, ‘Underground Vol. 2‘ is a testament to Peshay’s commitment to breaking
the mold and crafting music that transcends expectations. Amidst a sea of mainstream releases, ‘Underground Vol. 2’ emerges as a breath of fresh air, serving as a reminder that true artistry lies in embracing individuality. Peshay’s commitment to staying true to his unique sound is not just commendable; it is an embodiment of his dedication to the art form. ‘Underground Vol. 2’ stands as a testament to the enduring power of drum and bass music and Peshay’s unwavering passion for pushing boundaries.

This groundbreaking album is sure to leave a lasting impression, resonating with listeners who crave music that challenges the perceived norms and inspires.

1. Deltroid – Peshay & Krazeman

2. Maliblues – Peshay & Krazeman
3. Movin’ On – Peshay & Krazeman

4. My Boogie – Peshay & Krazeman
5. Brighter Days – Peshay & Stepa

6. If I Could Fly – Peshay & Krazeman
7. New Age – Peshay & Krazeman

8. Watch Dis – Peshay & Krazeman

9. Blessings – Peshay & Krazeman

10. Point Peak – Peshay & Krazeman
11. It’s Alright – Peshay & Krazeman

12. Azure – Peshay & Steppa
13. Unspoken – Peshay & Krazeman

14. Outlaw – Peshay & Krazeman
15. Zeus – Peshay & Krazeman 16. Gauntlet (VIP Mix) – Peshay & Krazeman
17. Turn Around – Peshay & Krazeman

18. Memories – Peshay & Krazeman

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