Chaim photo Diary mayan warrior art car

Mayan Warrior, the iconic art car widely known for its massive-scale productions each year at Burning Man, has been pushing their experience to the next level by bringing their mobile stage on the road. Now, Mayan Warrior has teamed up with promoter collective Stranger Than, who produced Mayan Warrior’s first West Coast show off the Playa to bring the art car across the US for its tenth anniversary.

A few weeks ago, the art car took over Brooklyn’s Navy Yard for a sold-out show.

We recruited the photographic talents of Tyler Allix to capture what went down at their debut in the Big Apple – thousands of miles away from Black Rock Desert.

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Allix captured all of the best moments from Chaim, one of the art car’s performers, and provided this photo gallery.

What Chaim Saw At Mayan Warrior’s Art NYC Debut 

About This Event

The Mayan Warrior team is a collective of Mexican artists, craftsmen, photographers, and other creatives who seek to draw their immersive inspiration from Huichol and ancient Mayan culture. The Mayan Warrior team pairs this cultural art with cutting edge technology to create one of the most impressive mobile art cars one can experience on the playa (and now on the road as well).

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