Industry heavyweight, Pioneer, is finally making its play into the beginner-DJ market by introducing the affordable and travel-friendly DDJ-FLX4 controller. The two-channel controller combines all of the best elements that Pioneer has built its name on while allowing new and aspiring artists to break into the industry. 

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Pioneer is doubling down on this controller’s beginner-friendly design, introducing smart faders and CFX, which allow artists and DJs to easily transition between two different some with a simple glide between the crossfader. 

The smart functionality continues with the controller’s two polished jog wheels that help familiarize the user with the industry-standard versions of Pioneer’s more premium models of turntables. One of my biggest gripes with entry-level controllers is that they perform and feel entirely different than any DJ equipment clubs have; Pioneer has thought ahead and made this controller easily transition to bigger setups once you’ve honed your skills enough to perform in a bigger club. 

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