AlphaTheta Music Americas, Inc. announces the release of the HDJ-CX from its Pioneer DJ brand – a brand-new model of lightweight professional on-ear DJ headphones. Specially engineered to deliver premier comfort and tight audio with a wide range for mixing and monitoring music in any environment, the HDJ-CX headphones feature a high level of sound insulation and are designed to last.

The new HDJ-CX

The new HDJ-CX


Lightweight and Flexible Design

Comfort is key with the HDJ-CX headphones. Aside from being incredibly light – weighing less than a third of a pound without the cable (136g) – the headphones feature an ergonomic design to minimize head, neck, and shoulder stress. The headband and the earcup weight distribution, along with the headband cushion width are carefully adjusted for optimal balance. The wire inside the included cables features a reduced diameter, and the position of the spiral on the coiled cable is closer to the plug connecting to the artist’s mixer, for a better balance with the straight part of the cable. [HN1] The stainless steel headband on the HDJ-CX features a ladder-like structure for added flexibility and stress resistance so the artist can easily find their perfect fit.

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