Deep, hypnotic techno from the Monday Off label head.

Mary Yuzovskaya is a Berlin-based techno DJ-producer and label head. Before moving to Europe, through New York, she did years of classical piano training and music theory, but when she discovered electronic music she was hooked. As a young teen who was not allowed to go clubbing by her strict parents, at first she aspired to be a radio DJ, but by the mid 2000s she was collecting records, going out to clubs, and DJing at friends’ parties. It wasn’t long before she was performing across Moscow and, after her move to New York, she took up residencies at some of the city’s institutional parties like Unter, where she was a staple for three years, as well as working at renowned Brooklyn record shop Halcyon.

Since 2017, Yuzovskaya has been running her own label, Monday Off, where she curates work from artists including Blazej Malinowski, Michal Wolski, Ruhig, and Soramimi. She’s also put her own music on labels including Kvalia, Semantica, and System Revival, specializing in the hypnotic side of contemporary techno. Recorded just a few weeks ago in Berlin, Yuzovskaya’s podcast is once again blisteringly precise and vinyl only, and it features a couple of her own upcoming productions plus releases from Blawan, Anthony Linell, and Luke Slater’s Planetary Assault Systems. Expect just over an hour of trippy, dark techno from one of the genre’s rising talents.

01. What have you been up to recently?
Two years ago I relocated to Berlin from New York, and, after getting through a few lockdowns, I have been enjoying traveling around Europe with gigs. Many shows that I’ve played this year were my debuts. It’s exciting to explore new cities and new clubs. Since I moved to Berlin, I’ve been making more music than ever. Right now I’m working on some EPs that hopefully will see light next year. Aside from that I’ve been busy with my own label, Monday Off; the latest record has just been released, a various artist compilation including tracks from Hoedus, Abstract Man, Xhato, and myself.

02. What is it that appeals to you about music?
Many things, but in particular it’s the massive impact that the music has on a listener. You can influence your mood in one way or another, and create soundtracks for yourself and others. It’s like adding an extra dimension to your life. In terms of choosing music as something to work with, I’d say it’s the opportunity to connect with others without words and have a group of strangers in one room feel the same things at the same time.

03. Where and when did you record this mix?
This mix was recorded in my studio in Berlin a few weeks ago. It’s vinyl only, and I recorded it in one take.

04. What setup did you use?
I used an Xone 92 and two Technics turntables.

05. How did you choose the tracks that you’ve included?
I selected some of the records that I currently enjoy playing out. Those of you who have been to my shows recently might even recognise some of the tunes! I also included one of the tracks from my upcoming solo EP, which was a bit of a step for me because I rarely play my own tracks in my mixes.

06. What can the listener expect?
This mix is deep, trippy, and energetic at the same time. I tried to make sure it takes you places while keeping the flow as smooth as possible.

07. What’s next on your horizon?
I’m debuting in Amsterdam on November 11, playing at Radion. I have a solo EP coming out on a Swedish label called Kvalia. The record has been in the works for a long time and I can’t believe it’s finally hitting the stores! Other than that, a bit of traveling here and there, studio time, and more releases that will hopefully be announced soon.

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01. Unbalance “Maya” (Overbalance)
02. Mary Yuzovskaya “Unreleased (Unknown)
03. Anthony Linell “Falling Into Form” (Northern Electronics)
04. D-Leria “Movimento” (Semantica)
05. Viels “Distrophism” (Dynamic Reflection)
06. Aiken “Introspection” (NWhite)
07. Svreca “Draw The Line” (Semantica)
08. Orbe “Isolationism” (Non Series)
09. Blawan “Lox” (Ternesc)
10. Mod 21 “Snake” (Nonplus Records)
11. Anthony Linell “Separated From Other Bodies” (Northern Electronics)
12. Planetary Assault Systems “The Last Scene” (Ostgut Ton)
13. Steve Bicknell “Constant Movement” (Oscar Mulero remix) (Granulart)
14. Sciahri & Desroi “Ebb Tide” (Semantica)
15. Refracted “Meridian” (Sublunar)

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