Garage and groovy house incubated in London.

L&F (an abbreviation of Lost & Found) is the alias of Ali Amel, a DJ-producer born in Iran, raised in London, but who now resides in east Berlin. Growing up within walking distance of Portobello market, Notting Hill, he was exposed to many styles of music through pirate radio stations, record shops, clubs and, of course, the famous carnival. His main love came in the shape of jungle and garage music: the sounds were raw and gritty, and he felt it was his identity; his love.

Though he’s now based in Germany, Amel tries to capture his London roots through the music that he produces, mostly through +98, a vinyl-only label he runs spanning garage, speed garage, and breaks. In September, he released My Shorty, a two-track EP on London’s Mind Music. But before that, his skills for intricately swung drum design, massive bass lines, and jazzy synths drew the attention of Julie Marghilano, who signed him up for her Sol Asylum label. Small Hours came out in August.

For this week’s XLR8R podcast, Amel has delivered a podcast filled with garage and groovy house, recorded on the fly last week. Across its run-time, you’ll hear “Hang On,” a standout from his Sol Asylum debut, plus tracks from Pure Sleek, 2 Hot 2 Handle, and Joe Olindo. Press play for 80 minutes of funky, free-wheeling rhythms, born in Berlin but incubated in London.

01. What have you been up to recently? 
Well, my days pretty much consists of three things: listening, making, and playing music. I guess it’s like the backbone structure of my days. So, the results of this recently are obviously the release on the Sol Asylum label which was an extremely big achievement for myself as she is someone who I respect tremendously for both her DJ and production skills. I’ve been sourcing and organizing the releases for the next to be released on +98 and I’ve recently started working as a record buyer for a record store in Berlin, called 60 waves, which is owned by Dana Ruh. I primarily focus on buying UK garage records along with helping out in the store. Also, I played recently at Sisyphos‘ 15-year birthday weekend bonanza.

02. What have you been listening to? 
Well, I watched a Bollywood movie recently called “RRR” and the soundtrack to the film is so good. I’ve been tucked into that for a while now, alongside a lot of grime and hip-hop stuff. I also mix it up between listening to my favorite DJ mixes, which is not only something I enjoy but also helps me be inspired which spills over into the production and DJing.

03. Where and when did you record this mix? 
I recorded it at home last week. My setup consists of two Technics SL-1200 MK2s along with two XDJ- 1000 MK2s. Plus an Allen & Heath 43C mixer. 

04. How did you go about choosing the tracks that you’ve included? 
Well, when you record a mix without a crowd it’s always challenging because you don’t have a venue or energy from the crowd; the journey of the night is missing. So, I always try to best demonstrate the different elements of my particular style. 

05. Where do you imagine it being listened to?
Everywhere and anywhere people are serious about club culture.

06. How does it compare to what we might hear you play out? 
It’s pretty much the same stye that you would hear. Obviously in certain events you have to know the people you are playing for and play accordingly, but I try to represent my style as close as I can when I record these podcast-style mixes.

07. What’s next on your horizon? 
I want to get the next few releases for +98 mastered and pressed on vinyl, which isn’t as easy as it used to be. I’m also organizing +98 events for 2023. Production-wise I’ve got a digital release coming on +98 before the year is out along with a remix for a producer called Klix on a Berlin label called Loser Records. I’m also working on a few tracks for a label over in Russia and of course I’ll get some more stuff ready for Sol Asylum. In regards to my bookings, my next confirmed date is at Renate in Berlin.

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01. Creep Woland “Blantyre 86 Style” (Headset)
02. L&F “D.I.L” (+98)
03. Human Movement “Don’t Say It” (Of Leisure)
04. Bailley Ibbs “Killer Abra” (Safer)
05. David Garrett “Loop Soup” (Mate Spain)
06. Instinct “Phantom”(Instinct)
07. Joe Olindo “Now I Knew” (Plastik People)
08. Masterplan “Upways” (Vibesey)
09. Pure Sleek “Onrical”(Digbeth Records)
10. 2 Hot 2 Handle “Take a breath” (HAF Remix) (Practical Rhythms)
11. L&F “Hang On” (Sol Asylum)
12. Dee Cypher “Crank It” (Pirate Cutz) 
13 Robert James “Space Beats (Outright Records)
14. Julie Marghilano “Intuition” (Unreleased)
15. 67th & Bird “Crazy for Ya” (Bobs Your Uncle Records)
16. Main Phase “Ghosting in a Rave” (Hardline Sounds)
17. Radio Slave “Stay Out all Night” (Commix remix) (Rekids)
18. Lavan “Can’t Wait” (+98)
19. L&F “Just Ride” (Pattern Society)
20. Mikki Funk “4 Da Steppas” (Puresa Records)

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