Atmospheric techno from an Italian explorer.

Claudio PRC, real name Claudio Porceddu, hailing from Sardinia, Italy, is a relentless sonic explorer who fuses techno sounds with electroacoustic experimentation. (You can see that in his latest release, available on Delsin.) Growing up he was always involved in other forms of art like painting or graffiti but became attracted to the idea DJing when he began clubbing with his friends. (He also learned a lot from his father who too was a DJ.) His affections with techno really began in the early 2000s when he heard the percussive rhythms of “Panikattack” by Plastikman, leading him down the wormhole that is early M_nus and Richie Hawtin. Each Saturday he’d take the bus to a nearby town to go to buy records.

Across his discography, which covers labels like Prologue, Semantica (where he’s released two albums) and his own TGP, you might also hear the fingerprints of Robert Hood, Mika Vainio, and Donato Dozzy, all of whom have influenced his work. He’s been actively touring since 2006. In 2020 he founded 012, a new platform dedicated to art and sound research. Ahead of some intense new year touring, Porceddu pieced together an XLR8R podcast filled with some of the go-to tunes from his latest club sessions. You’ll hear music from Etapp Kyle, Mary Yuzovskaya, Luigi Tozzi, which gives you idea for the style, plus a taste of his recent Delsin EP. Press play for a brooding mix of deep and atmospheric techno that’ll can either wind you down as the year draws to an end or perk you up—enjoy as you will.

01. What have you been up to recently?
Recently I’ve been playing quite a lot. The last months have been very intense for me, traveling and performing in many cities. In November, my EP called Challenger Deep came out on Delsin Records, and I’ve been doing some remixes for some dear friends like Andrea Ferlin and Fabio Caria released on the Berlin label DeepnosiS. I am also investing a lot in the curation of my label 012. we just released a new compilation called Systema Naturae with the participation of several new emerging artists and some established ones.

02. What have you been listening to?
I am mostly listening to electronic music every day, ambient especially; it helps me to relax and to concentrate for my work. Recently I came back home to listen to the old albums from Desolate on Fauxpas Musik and some trip-hop stuff like DJ Krush’s Jaku.

03. How has your 2022 been artistically? And what are your goals for next year?
My 2022 was really exciting. As I said in the first question, I’ve been playing in many countries and in some of the most important venues in our scene like Berghain. Those gigs helped me with my creative processes when I produced my last records, bringing to me so much inspiration. Next year is going to be even more exciting. I want to keep this rhythm and reach as many people as possible with my music.

04. Where and when did you record his mix?
I recorded this mix especially for you, some weeks ago in my house, using the tracks that I am playing regularly at my gigs.

05. What setup did you use?
My set up is very basic. At home I’ve two XDJ-700s and one Allen & Heath XONE:23 mixer.

06. How did you go about choosing the tracks you’ve included?
I’ve checked on the playlists that I use for my gigs, selecting new releases and old ones in the field of deep and hypnotic techno. Not so fast, trying to create an homogeneous flow.

07. How does it compare to what we might hear you play out?
I tried to create a possible sequence that I could easily propose in a club. There are millions of combinations that can be created using tracks, always different, always exciting.

08. What’s next on the horizon?
In the short term, I am going to play all night long in Barcelona. Then I have to go straight back to Berlin. I can’t wait also to be back in February in Colombia to play again for Freedom Festival in Medellin and at Tunnel in Pereira. Regarding releases, I’ve just finished a new EP which I will reveal very soon!

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01. Cio D’Or “Amplitude Q XI” (Kynant Records)
02. Claudio PRC “Radial” (with Svart1) (Prologue)
03. Laima Adelaide “Absence” (PhonoTropismi)
04. Luca Sanna “Helichrysum” (012)
05. Wunderblock Vs Arcuation “Lotto” (Deepbass Remix) (Wunderblock Records)
06. Claudio PRC “Nekton” (Delsin Records)
07. Etapp Kyle “Continuum” (Unterton)
08. Rene Wise “Hollow” (SK_Eleven)
09. Mary Yuzovskaya “Cozy” (Kvalia Records)
10. Viels “Intus Vacuum” (Attic Music)
11. Luigi Tozzi “Ghost Lake” (Concrete Records)
12. Claudio PRC “Kaikō” (Delsin Records)
13. nthng “Sub-Sonar” (Delsin Records)

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