A fever dream of mind-bending rhythms.

Mumdance, born Jack Adams, is behind some of the most innovative dance records of the last decade—including his collaborations with MC Novelist (“1 Sec” and “Take Time” released on XL Recordings and Rinse), a series of club 12″s with Pinch, and his 2019 album, Proto, in collaboration with Logos. His sound is one that twists grime, techno, avant-garde electronics and the UK soundsystem continuum into strange new shapes which is the same as what he presents from behind the decks.

Adams, who is based in the UK, is a DJ with extraordinary breadth, and this is something encapsulated by the Radio Mumdance project, a series of weekly radio shows on Rinse FM and NTS which saw him play back-to-back sets with the likes of DJ Stingray, Ben UFO, Josey Rebelle, and Nina Kraviz. After taking three years away from music in 2019, he returned invigorated in 2022, launching an extensive online archive of his work from the past 14 years and he returned to the DJ fold. After a busy followup year, Adams has delivered an XLR8R podcast to showcase his latest records, weaving together one hour of techno, grime, jungle, hardcore and more. “It’s a distillation of tracks which provoked a reaction within me, be it emotional, physical, or cerebral,” he says.

01. What have you been up to lately?
Going to bed early, getting up early, working a day job, reading books, opting out of social media, helping out where I can.

02. What have you been listening to?
Pretty much exclusively Woods of Desolation, especially the The Falling Tide and Torn Beyond Reason albums.

03. What is it that appeals to you about dance music?
It has always been a means of escape for me.

04. Where did you record this mix?
At Ten 87 Studios in Tottenham, London.

05. How did you go about choosing the tracks?
I tried to go on instinct and trust my taste.

06. How does it compare to what we might hear you play out live?
It’s a condensed version. When I play out these days it’s usually all-night sets; six, eight, sometimes even 10 hours!

08. What’s next on your horizon?
A hot black coffee and cold glass of water.

XLR8R Subscribers can download the podcast below. If you’re not an XLR8R subscriber, you can read more about it and subscribe here.


01. Heinrich Schwarzer “Figur0_3-39” (Conditional)
02. 4-й энергоблок “Привыкай к земле” (Nv Rec)
03. ASA “We Need A Medic” (Raster)
04. Beton Brut “Shell Shock” (Coyote)
05. Jules Becker “Face Value” (All Centre)
06. Meta “Fault Line” (Henry Greenleaf Remix) (Unreleased)
07. Griffit Vigo “Felicia” (Yuku)
08. Zek “Jerk Off” (Unreleased)
09. Outhere Brothers “Don’t Stop” (Aureus)
10. Rhyw “Spritz” (Fever AM)
11. Minciisha Ieraksti “BOBO” (Unreleased)
12. Pruvan “Flagrant Vagrant” (Tectonic)
13. Josh Pan and X&G “Platinum” (6amsunset Remix)(Unreleased)
14. Lillia Betz “Evil” (Unreleased)
15. Soulchaser “Heartache” (Sync Records)
16. D3U5E & GAV “Went Back” (Of Paradise)
17. Beatrice M. “Call” (Hundert)
18. Szare “Raindrops” (Unreleased)
19. FIS “Wise Man” (Exit)
20. Amit “Flow Off” (Amar)
21. Last Life “Hidden” (Donato Dozzy Remix) (Samurai Music)
22. Raiden “Type 0” (Humanoid)
23. Genotype “Angry Business” (Renegade Hardware)
24. Technoist “Causal Loop Paradox” (Cocktail Party Effect Remix) (Grey Meta)

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