Synth-drenched acid house from a master.

As a fan of electronic music, the chances are high that you’ve experienced music touched by the hands of John Digweed, the head of Bedrock Records. Over a 40-plus-year career, Digweed, originating from Hastings, southern England, has put out more than 60 mix CDs, produced and remixed over 70 tracks, and played at the likes of Glastonbury and Coachella. He’s also shared more than one thousand episodes of his Transitions radio show, which is broadcast in over 80 countries worldwide to over 14 million people a week. But most recently he released Futuro, a collection of four eclectic mixes compiled of new and previously unreleased music coming from Marco Bailey, Nick Muir, Captain Musta, and more in celebration of 25 years of Bedrock.

For this week’s XLR8R podcast, Digweed has delivered a new mix, recorded before the turn of the year, and once again featuring music from his artist friends. To record it, he asked some of them to deliver one of their favorite tracks, then he mixed them together with his trademark unyielding precision. Press play for one hour of synth-heavy acid house from a master.

01. What have you been up to recently?
Touring Japan, Bali, Greece, and Ibiza, as well as putting the final touches to the new Futuro album project.

02. What have you been listening to?
Running a record label, most of my spare time is spent listening to demos sent in for consideration for being released on my Bedrock label.

03. Where and when did you record this mix?
As I travel around the world in hotel rooms and also at home.

04. What setup did you use?
I use Ableton live to put all my mix albums together

05. How did you choose the tracks that you’ve included?
I reached out to some of my favorite producers as well as artists I admire and requested a track from them. Once I had all the tracks in I set about compiling and making the tracks work as a complete album.

06. Where do you imagine it being listened to?
I would imagine this album would be listened to in cars, headphones, and at home. I have done over 60 mix albums now and have a loyal fanbase of fans who support these projects.

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01. Apaull “Dogma” (Abe Duque remix) (Furnace Room Records)
02. Radio Slave vs Audion “Mouth to Mouth” (Rekids)
03. 8kays “Lyra” (Watergate Records)
04. Oliver Huntemann “Paralleluniversum” (Senso Sounds)
05. d.digger “Mondrakete” (Lucid Flow)
06. Franky and Sandrino “Comportamento” (Sum Over Histories)
07. Rodriguez Jr. “Alraegadir” (Bedrock Records)
08. Solique “Lights” (Sum Over Histories)
09. Four Candles “Don’t Talk About” (Bedrock Records)
10. Madden “That Ending Track” (Bedrock Records)

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