A hybrid set full of deep psychedelic techno.

Studying mathematics for years in Morocco triggered an unexpected journey for Anechoic, who today is based in Paris, France. “As I delved into the intricacies of mathematical concepts, I found myself intrigued by the possibility of translating abstract theories into tangible sonic experiences,” he says, and he began experimenting with music mixing program VirtualDJ.

To make his own tracks, he began buying synthesizers, “driven by a desire to explore sound in a hands-on manner,” he says/ During this period, he also delved into the works of Dino Sabatini, Voices From the Lake, Giorgio Gigli, Donato Dozzy, Mike Parker, and Kangding Ray, who captivated him with their unique approaches to ambient and hypnotic techno. “As I continued to refine my sound vision, I focused on modern sound design, experimenting with and assembling different synths,” Anechoic continues.

Soon he was experimenting with hybrid sets, blending finished tracks from these influential artists and others with his own distinctive samples, creating dynamic and engaging performances. For this week’s XLR8R podcast, he has delivered a recording from a Confluence event in Paris in September. Across one hour, he invites listeners into an immersive journey where hypnotic rhythms, experimental nuances, and psychoacoustic elements converge to form a unique sonic trip. Press play, and let yourself be carried away by the swirling hypnotic techno.

01. What have you been up to recently?
As the new year unfolds, it brings forth a fresh start for my artistic journey. Throughout the past year, I delved deep into introspection and exploration, nurturing my creative instincts in different ways. Rather than churning out a multitude of releases, I’ve focused on shaping my artistic vision, ensuring that each track resonates authentically. Amidst the tumultuous backdrop of the world, I’ve made an effort to prioritize my well-being, sanity, and inspiration.

02. What have you been listening to?
Typically, I find myself immersed in music within the pulsating atmosphere of clubs or festivals, where the sonic experience is palpable and invigorating. But during my moments of homebound relaxation, I gravitate towards podcasts that feature live sets, as well as ambient music that sets a tranquil tone.

Lately, an album that has captivated my attention is Nucleo Profondo by Formant Value, released on Lowless Records. Its intricate layers and immersive soundscapes create an engaging auditory experience that keeps me entranced. Additionally, podcasts like Monument and Hypnus provide a refreshing departure from the traditional studio recordings, offering curated live sets that offer a unique glimpse into the artistic expression of fellow musicians. It’s a fulfilling way to explore diverse sonic landscapes from the comfort of my own space.

03. Where and when did you record this mix?
The mix was recorded during the Confluence event at La Marbrerie in Paris, featuring prominent producers from the Lowless label alongside local artists. The event showcased a variety of musical styles, including IDM, breaks, and deep techno, with an emphasis on long-form performances that included live sets and DJ sets. I had the opportunity to play alongside Atomic Moog, Daniel[i], Joanna OJ, and Sophian P. After the performance, I listened to the recording and judged it to be of good quality, story-telling, and suitable for sharing with a wider audience as a podcast.

04. This is a hybrid set. Can you tell me what that means in practice?
I incorporate both pre-recorded tracks and live instrumentation or production elements during my hybrid set. For example, I blend pre-produced tracks with live synthesizer manipulation, drum machine programming, samplers, and other live effects processing. For each occasion, I bring a specific set of equipment. This allows for a dynamic performance where I can demonstrate both mixing skills and my abilities as a live performer and producer. The hybrid set format offers a flexible and creative approach to performance for me, allowing me to experiment with different textures, blending different elements together and making transitions, and improvisations while maintaining the energy and flow of a DJ set.

05. What was so memorable about this set?
Through live sound manipulation, I crafted a dynamic and evolving narrative that ignited the dancefloor. This fusion of textures and rhythms fostered moments of spontaneity and experimentation, captivating the audience and maintaining their engagement throughout the performance. I quite enjoyed seeing people closing their eyes and dancing to it; for me that was memorable!

06. What’s next on your horizon?
I have an exciting array of projects in the works. Firstly, I’m diligently finalizing the preparation of my upcoming vinyl release. Simultaneously, I’m immersed in preparing a live set alongside my talented collaborator Mersel for the Chateau Perché festival in June. Looking further ahead, I’m gearing up for another release slated for the end of the year. Additionally, there are a couple of events in the pipeline where you’ll have the opportunity to experience my performances in Europe. These gatherings will provide the perfect platform for me to play my latest productions and connect with fellow music enthusiasts in a vibrant and immersive setting.

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01. Shoal “Iterations” (The Something Something)
02. Halos “II-III” (Qeel ‘llamada’ Edit) (Annulled Music)
03. Feral “Krishna” (Hypnus Records)
04. AXOON “Kirchoff’s Law” (Self-Released)
05. Tiferet “Oneiric Forest” (Agos)
06. Voices From The Lake Lo “01.12 N.” (Self-Released)
07. Anechoic “Unreleased” (Unknown)
08. SHFT “Pyro” (Qilla Records)
09. Archivist “Psion” (Sure Thing)
10. Anechoic “Unreleased” (Unknown)
11. Zemög “Fuliawaito” (Danza Nativa)
12. Biocym “Kof’s Run” (Self-Released)
13. Ruhig “The Vector” (Midgar Records)
14. Anechoic “Unreleased” (Unknown)
15. Tammo Hesselink “Does It Matter” (Nous’klaer Audio)
16. Ness “Liquid Wave” (Liquid Drop Groove)
17. Forest On Stasys “In Search Of Balance” (Kizen Records)
18. Morphing Territories “Paper Brain” (Self-Released)
19. Polygonia “Tartaros” (Secuencias Temporales)
20. Hoedus “Doppler Shift” (Affin)
21. Anechoic “Propagating Dynamic Disturbance” (Cosmic Wave Records)
22. Andrea Cossu “Spira – 06 Lost 23” (The Gods Planet)

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