All-strains of house.

Inspired by the early era club culture in the US, Robin Flux—a German DJ-producer based in Copenhagen, Denmark—bought his first turntables as a teenager and taught himself to mix records. “My journey into electronic music began at a very young age through the love of dancing, which has always been a big part of my life and identity and an outlet for self-expression,” he says. “It allowed me to learn a lot about myself and find a community that truly accepted me.” Around the same time, he bought some synthesizers and started producing his own music, all the while teaching himself about the origins of club music and dance culture and the artistry and heritage of the QBIPOC communities. Today, he experiments with multiple decks, creating, deconstructing, re-arranging multilayered, heavy sample-based performances, that are situated between house and techno, with dips into ballroom, club, garage, and disco. For this week’s XLR8R podcast, he’s delivered a studio recording featuring tracks from Floorplan, Kerri Chandler, Mr. G, and more—which should give you a good idea of the music you can expect. Tune in for one hour of classy, soulful house.

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01. What have you been up to recently?
Last year I toured extensively in East Asia, especially in Japan and Korea, which had a huge impact on my perspective on clubs, music, and dance culture. It was a very challenging and inspiring time, and I am grateful for all the new contacts I made on this trip. Back in my current home in Copenhagen, I am focusing on my local projects such as Universal Language, an experimental club concept that aims to create an intentional, queer-centered, and sober club space where the focus shifts back to dance culture, where original club dance forms such as ballroom, whacking, and house dance can thrive in a non-judgmental environment.

02. What have you been listening to?
Lately I’ve been doing a lot of research into music from the ballroom/vogue culture, as I’ve been spending a lot of time in clubs or at balls in Europe and East Asia. It’s a community and culture that I deeply appreciate and keeps inspiring my work as an artist. Since ballroom is historically intertwined with house culture, it was only logical that I gravitate towards the music of balls and dig into the legacy of legendary places like Sound Factory NYC.

03. What is it that appeals to you about electronic music?
It is the way in which the club brings together people from all parts of society who would otherwise never meet. It is a form of cultural exchange and expression; a place where everyone is equal, regardless of their background.

04. Where and when did you record this mix?
I recorded the mix in Copenhagen this spring while I was preparing for my US tour.

05. What setup did you use?
I have used three CDJs, two turntables, and a mixing desk. DJing for me is closely linked to my experience as a dancer, and in recent years I’ve explored the craft of DJing more as a multi-instrumental live performance—layering two to four tracks at a time, incorporating digital and vinyl records, using chopping and sampling techniques as well as my own edits and acapellas, with the aim of creating a unique experience that gets you into a flow on the dancefloor.

06. How did you go about choosing the tracks you’ve included?
I followed my intuition and chose tracks that made me want to move and dance, that made me feel something. As mentioned before, I find a lot of inspiration in club dance cultures such as ballroom, whacking, and house, which are inherently linked to a variety of dance music genres.

07. How does it compare to what we might hear you play out live?
I curated this mix in the most honest way that felt true to myself and aligned with the way I would play in clubs or at dance sessions.

08. What’s next on your horizon?
I have been focusing on returning to the US. As a dancer and club enthusiast, I feel very connected to the scene, especially in New York. After a challenging few months, I am excited to announce a tour in the US. It starts with a very special gig and fundraiser for the Underground Music Academy organized by 4AM NYC during the Movement Festival in Detroit—one of those full-circle moments and a dream come true. After that, I’ll be spending some extended time in New York during Pride month, playing at Good Room with The Carry Nation, reuniting with queer collective XOXA NYC, and hosting my own club concepts at Bossa Nova Civic Club and Jupiter Disco, among other exciting opportunities.


01. Interstate “Yosemite” (Shall Not Fade)
02. Santonio Echols “The Poem (I Rise)” (D Records313)
03. Mr. G “Thats Why We?” (Phoenix G)
04. Mute “Ocha” (Gerd Janson Edit) (Running Back)
05. Gary Gritness “Fuel” (My Love Is Underground)
06. Josh One “Contemplation” (1-Off Recordings)
07. Nature Boy “The Major Enemy” (Black Label)
08. Floorplan “Let the Church” (M-Plant)
09. DJ Delish “Oh, La La (Kier Kut Up)” (Self-Released)
10. Fast Eddie & Traxman “Welcome to the Pleasure Dome” (Factory Music Chicago)
11. Tronco Traxx “Runway (As a House)” (Henry Street Music)
12. Scott Grooves “Decimal 2.0” (Natural Midi)
13. DJ QU “Prayer” (Strength Music Recordings)
14. Project Sound “Sweet in the Morning” (HardTrax Beats) (Hardtrax Records)
15. Jay Daniel “Brainz” (Sound Signature)
16. Jovonn “Get Together” (Jovonn’s BND Remix) (Body ‘N Deep)
17. Gary Martin “Lounge Blue” (Teknotika Records)
18. Major Problems “Overdose (The Final Trip)” (Nu Groove Records)
19. The Boss “Congo (D Max Mix)” (Strictly Rhythm)
20. Kerri Chandler “Feelin’ Red [DC10]” (Main Mix) (Kaoz Theory)
21. Don Kamares “Coltrane” (Atjazz Remix) (Self-Released)
22. Nicola Cruz “Surface Tension” (Rhythm Section International)
23. Quest?onmarq “Contagion” (Self-Released)
24. DJ Trajic “The DJ” (Underground Construction)
25. Ride Committee “Get Huh feat. Roxy (Kutz Mix)” (Phat Records)
26. Trax Unit “Brick Beat” (Gyration Station)
27. The Formula “Hold on to Love” (The Loop Mix) (Hardtrax Records)
28. Moogroove “Bonga” (World Mix) (Twisted America Records)
29. DJ Delish “Que Estar Loco” (Self-Released)
30. Hustlers Convention “The Only One” (Stress Records)
31. Nick Holder “Sometime I’m Blue” (CTM)

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