Raw Chicago acid.

He’s a lover man who’s not shy about sharing his bedroom tips (“Phreaky MF”); he’s a guy who gives props to a higher power for his innate groove skills (“God Made Me Phunky”). But most of all, Mike Dunn is an artist who lives and breathes acid house. The Chicago vegan knows there’s something about the rubbery pings of a 303 paired with crunchy wallop of an 808 that’s almost Pavlovian in its appeal, and that’s why, 30 years after he first hit the scene via the release of “Dance You Mutha” on the Westbrook label, acid remains at his core. In 2019, Dunn released My House from All Angles, his first long-player since 1990’s Free Your Mind—and though the album lives up its name by featuring a touch of variety via tracks like stripped-down disco number “Have It 4U Babe” or the hip-house cut “DJ Beat That Shhh,” the 303 was once again the defining sound. In the last few years, Dunn has also released on Defected, Classic, and Nu Groove, and more recently he’s relaunched his Dance Mutha label for unreleased acid jams that have been locked in the vault. To celebrate the release of Tracks From The Beginning Vol.1, Dance Mutha’s first release after its relaunch, Dunn has delivered an XLR8R podcast—which is to say precisely one hour of raw, jacking acid house.

01. What have you been up to recently?
I’ve just been doing lots of gigs and getting ready for the summer season and recording new music that I’m excited about.

02. Where and when did you record this mix?
I recorded this mix last week in Chicago in my dungeon studio.

03. What setup did you use?
CDJs and Pioneer mixer.

04. How did you choose the tracks you’ve included in it?
I just went with the flow on a Chicago, acid, jacking tip.

05. Where do you imagine it being listened to?
You could listen to this anytime, anyplace, and anywhere!

06. What’s next on your horizon?
I’m just about to launch my label, Dance Mutha Records, for some unreleased acid, house and techno tracks from myself, Armando, Hugo H, and others. And getting ready to hit Europe over the summer for some shows.

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01. Mike Dunn “Acid Rush” (Classic Music Company)
02. Armando “Don’t Take It” (Let’s Pet Puppies)
03. Jack Frost “Clap Me” (Unreleased)
04. Victor Romeo “Acid Rain” (Dance Mania)
05. Serge P “Acid Breath” (Mako Records)
06. Akabu “Phuture Bond” (Interface Records)
07. Cajmere & Wayne Williams “This is Acid House” (Cajual)
08. Cool McCool “World Turns Around” (Super Sound)
09 Paranoid London “Headtrack” (Paranoid London Records)
10. Unknown “Unknown” (Unreleased)
11. Mike Dunn “Release” (Classic Music Company
12. Paranoid London “Transmission” (Paranoid London Records)
13. Jack Frost & Circle Jerks “Cool & Dry” (Trax)
14 Underground Resistance “Jupiter Jazz” (Underground Resistance)

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