Unhinged, speedy techno.

DJ Loser is the alias of Terzoglou Pantelis, an enigmatic Thessaloniki, Greece-based DJ-producer. He began making electronic music as a teenager, “fascinated by the freedom of expression the field has to offer,” he says, and since then he’s been jumping between styles and genres “based on my current needs each time.” “For me it’s more about the character and essence of feelings in the music which can be expressed and feel the same in whichever electronic style,” he continues. You’ll find the majority of his recent work on Magdalena’s Apathy (including his 2020 album, Blissful Dementia Fist), the label which has the same focus as the music that he makes: contemporary club music with a nostalgic touch. Over recent years, he has been a resident at Stegi.Radio, where he presents an array of contemporary monthly mixes, and for this week’s XLR8R podcast he has delivered another one. Dial in for one hour of hard-groove techno and unhinged, psychedelic grooves.

01. What have you been up to lately?
Mostly doing music for upcoming releases and a fashion show, and playing Shadow of the Erdtree.

02. What have you been listening to?
Mostly podcasts.

03. What is it that appeals to you about dance music?
The ability dance music has to provoke and combine feelings that are mostly in contrast in other music formats. And the dancefloor, it’s some sort of a ritualistic experience.

04. Where and when did you record this mix?
Last month in my home in Thessaloniki, Greece.

05. How did you go about choosing the tracks?
I acted instinctively.

06. What can the listener expect?
It depends on the listener but it is energetic and emotionally versatile.

07. What’s next on your horizon?
Liveshows late summer onwards and releases mostly on my label from artists from around the globe.

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01. Hodge “You Better Lie Down” (Berceuse Heroique)
02. Oldyungmayn & Estoc “Grapple”(3Phaz remix) (Magdalena’s Apathy)
03. Ice_Eyes “Dark Unit” (Magdalena’s Apathy)
04. Luca Noise “Kentha” (Wygo-Music)
05. Vergil “sIDEWINDER” (Magdalena’s Apathy)
06. Julien Andreas “New Blood” (Exterminador)
07. Philipp Gorbachev “5th New Century” (PG TUNE)
08. DJ ASTRAPH “KIRE NANTE” (Unreleased)
09. 0111001101110100 “Homeland Sun” (Harmless Records)
10. Spiderwrap “Overexposure” (Magdalena’s Apathy)
11. Onleash “Tourist World” (Speed Services)
12. Matriark “Golly” (Blue Hour Music)
13. exilee “Migraine Music” (Self-Released)
14. VCRHEADCLEANER “Cameras in the Courtroom” (Magdalena’s Apathy)
15. VCRHEADCLEANER “Remordimiento Eterno” (Magdalena’s Apathy)
16. kille809 “scales” (Self-Released)
17. Nebuchadnezzar “Fidget” (Augmented Research)
18. OTON “18.11” (Magdalena’s Apathy)
19. Matriark “Fogtek” (Magdalena’s Apathy)
20. Xenomorph “Secret Satanic Hierarchy” (Gnostic Records)

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