To celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month 2022 Point Blank hosted a #BreakTheBias virtual panel debate with a select number of guest speakers who represent different areas of the industry:

  • Farah Nanji – Point Blank Lecturer, Producer & DJ, Journalist
  • Naomi Jackson – Producer & Studio Engineer, Omnii Collective
  • Elena Aleekseva – Point Blank Lecturer, Composer, Sound Designer
  • Florentia Stassi – Point Blank Alumni, Defected Records, elrow Resident DJ

The theme of IWD 2022 was #BreakTheBias – Imagine a Gender Equal World and PB encouraged all viewers to participate in the discussion, no matter their gender, background or experience.

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During the panel, the guests discuss pressing topics such as whether there are equal opportunities for men and women in the music industry, if there has been a shift in the way women are perceived in the industry, how they feel the #MeToo movement impacted the creative industries, whether women have to work twice as hard to outshine men and much more. 

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