Despite what people say about which DAWs are better than others, it may surprise you to know that GarageBand is a powerful tool. 

It can do a lot of what Logic can but in a more streamlined interface, which can be hugely helpful for the fledgling producer. 

For example, Logic Pro’s baby brother can even open Logic files – and they sound identical. If you’d like to learn more about how powerful DAWs such as Ableton Live or Logic Pro work, Point Blank’s degree courses in London and Online are very popular.

During the video, John loads up GarageBand on his iPad and starts programming a beat. On to the bass, he demonstrates just how easy it is to add instruments to your arrangement, the different methods of making sounds and how you can easily record and edit patterns.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Point Blank’s ‘How to Make Your First Beat’ Tutorial

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