Popular in the realms of future bass, all the way to techno and beyond, staggered synth plucks and chords progressions are a common go-to in electronic music. Using this technique can add unexpected grooves to your track and even create one of the most memorable components of your composition. This tutorial is predominantly focused on the mechanics behind the tempo sync adjustments of the main synth and shows how you can slow down or speed up any synth element of your choice. What’s great about this technique is that you’ll be able to apply it to any sound you choose.

Point Blank LA’s music production tutor, Everett Pearson, is a producer from Portland and is part of the Indie electronic group, Meridian. The duo has rapidly created a lane for themselves in the chill electronic scene through several EPs on Th3rd Brain Records. In addition, Meridian has supported the likes of Emmit Fenn and Forester on their US tours.

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