In this tutorial, Cairo shows how he scored the trailer for the Spitfire Audio and GAIKA sound library, War Island.

War Island features GAIKA‘s signature sound design elements, hosting 42 presets split into 6 sections of pads, basses, leads, atmospheres, drums, vocals and more. The sound library is built into Spitfire Audio’s classic plugin design, making it easy to navigate and modulate the striking sounds it houses.

More about the sound pack from Spitfire Audio and GAIKA:

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A timely collaboration with innovative producer and composer GAIKA, War Island offers multi-dimensional, evolving sounds from the beating heart of London’s industrial underground. Featuring harsh bassy synth drones, tape-processed drums, pads, leads and warped vocal effects, these expansive sounds are abundantly complex by virtue of GAIKA’s unique and sophisticated processing techniques — made accessible, intuitive and interactive through Spitfire Audio’s dynamic, award-winning plugin. Inspired by the sounds of GAIKA’s youth and developed over a number of years, these visceral, abstract environments are inundated with the distinctive buzz of an ever-changing and perceptibly dystopian London, offering a fresh creative lens not only for experimental producers, but composers looking for cutting edge sounds to enhance their scores.

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