Alan Abrahams (a.k.a Portable) is back with a new album on Circus Company.

Augmented Dreams refers to the use of everyday technological advancements to achieve what were once only dreams or visions of past generations. It serves as an imaginative yet hyperrealist narrative on how humanity’s fascination with and reliance on ever-advancing technology defines the times we find ourselves in.

Sonically, we’re told to expect a “sonic soundtrack for the ages.”

Portable’s previous albums have landed on Perlon, !K7 Records, and ~scape. He released My Sentient Shadow on Circus Company in 2022.


01. The Pull of Time
02. Guiding Me
03. Parallax
04. The Color of Static
05. Begin Again
06. I Need You
07. Beacon
08. Are We Not Above It? feat. NiQ E & L_cio
09. The Mycorrhizal Network
10. Augmented Dreams

Augmented Dreams LP is scheduled for October 13 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “The Color of Static” in full via the player below and pre-order here.

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