With its roots in the Detroit school of techno, it’s easy to hear the influences of such legends as Underground Resistance and Rolando, and the melodic style of jazzy techno established by artists like R&S Records’ Dave Angel, Vince Watson, and Steve Richmond, but the ‘Lost Asia’ EP is no pastiche.

We were lucky enough to get our hands on the first listen of the second track of the EP, a song titled “Asia 4.” 

Chizawa Q – Asia 4 Review

In this track, the production features soaring synths, pounding drums and percussions, and an acidic stab that elevates the track to new heights in the second half of the track. 

Unlike many other techno tracks, “Asia 4” is kept short, punchy, and effective as it quickly gets to the most impactful moments of the track without burning daylight with extended and monotonous groove sections. Every section is masterfully crafted and propels the listener to the following portions of the arrangement. 

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