For the past ten years or so, North London’s Gerry Read has been quietly building a résumé perfectly suitable for a lo-fi house lover’s playlist. Aus Music, DFA, and Rebirth are just a few of the homes where his tunes have landed but most notably, it was his appearance on Pampa in 2019 that put his name on everyone’s lips. 

Today though, we are here to talk about his first E.P. of 2022 due out this Friday via Circus Company. Lean On Something is the title of said release and “Risotto” is the fantastic tune we are premiering today off that very release. It’s funky, it’s wonky, and just plain weird. Most importantly though, it grooves like no other with stop-and-go rhythms that’ll have you questioning its very structure. Consider it the wicked step-child of Josh Wink’s “Don’t Laugh.”

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