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Get Melody Sauce 2 for a Special Introductory Rate $49 or Upgrade for $15 Promotion Ends April 12th, 2022

Melody Sauce 2 is the new must-have music production assistant. This supercharged upgrade is a massive overhaul of the original version, with a set of powerful new features to inspire you and your music-making.

Melody Sauce 2 has evolved into a total melody creation solution, featuring a new Sound Engine with nearly 100 sounds and three built-in FX. Now you can hear melodies straight out of the box using internal sounds, with no need to route MIDI to other instruments.

  • New Style Mode, with over 300 style settings, create melodies by genre for Hip Hop, Trap, EDM, House & Techno, Pop, Reggaeton, and R&B.
  • New Advanced Editor lets you select specific chords for your melodies to follow and to make detailed edits to your melodies bar-by-bar.

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