Novation has introduced its newest range of MIDI keyboard controllers. The FLkey Mini and FLkey 37 are the first MIDI keyboard controllers fully integrated with FL Studio. The FLkey range comes as a first for Novation. 

Fully integrated with FL Studio for seamless music production and an intuitive workflow, the FLkey Mini and FLkey 37 MIDI controllers are primed with everything the passionate music producer needs to create music with ease in their favorite DAW. FLkey brings FL Studio’s mixer off-screen and puts music production right into the producer’s hands. 

Suitable for any level of FL Studio user, essential controls are right at their fingertips with powerful musical features to keep creativity and inspiration flowing. Take control of FL Studio’s Step Sequencer straight from the keyboard – no mouse needed. Producers can program beats and make high-quality tracks with ease thanks to FLkey’s Channel rack playability straight from the pads. With Mixer controls directly on the hardware, mixes can be tweaked to perfection immediately. Creators can stay inspired during studio sessions with Scale and Fixed Chord modes, so they’ll always hit the right note and craft perfect melodies. With FLkey, you can control instruments and automation, browse presets from Image Line plug-ins, and assign custom controls with Custom Modes for the ultimate tailored workflow in FL Studio. 

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