Nora En Pure

Nora En Pure’s signature style of house music production helped her define an emotive style that continues to thrive. Get inspired and try your hand at this emotive style with the tutorials below. 

Writing Pianos Like Nora En Pure

Nora’s music pulls at our heartstrings because its bedrock harmonies have a lot of emotional weight to them and allow the track to take listeners on a journey. The groove, sound design, drum programming, and other productions tricks need to be on point, but your chord progressions are what will be doing most of the heavy lifting. 

This means it’s always best for you to start with the chords before moving on to any of the fancy stuff.

Here’s how it’s done…

Programming Drums Like Nora En Pure

Unlike most other genres of dance music, the percussions in the music that Nora makes act more as a delivery system for the melodies and aren’t the primary driving force of the groove overall. This makes them easier to program but harder to get just right.

Because while the rythmns themselves usually are usually just comprised of the hats, claps, and kick (which we’ll cover in it’s own section later on), the texture and selection of those samples is paramount to achieving the softer and more sentimental vibe typically seen in Nora’s music. 

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