While the Irish government hasn’t indicated exactly when we will be able to return to the dancefloor, promoters Foggy Notions and U:mack have a treat in store for when we do.

They’ve just launched STRINGS, a new clubbing brand, which will hold its first night at The Button Factory, Dublin, on 26 November, featuring pioneering electronica act Modeselektor (pictured), hot on the heels of the Berlin duo’s recent release Extended.

As bookings go, Leagues O’Toole’s Foggy Notions vehicle is on fire at the moment – upcoming gigs include Low, Fears, Caribou, Einstürzende Neubauten and The Residents (we recently chatted to Soulwax about the latter’s influence – read more here) – and there’s no doubt that STRINGS will seek to set the bar equally high.

“With STRINGS we will always aim for a varied mix of both established and up and coming innovators,” Foggy Notions’ David Connaughton tells 909originals. “Innovators being key. Our musical policy will veer towards the less than predictable. Above all else, we want to create an inclusive and exciting space for listening and dancing.”

While the first event will be in The Button Factory, Connaughton sees STRINGS having a “nomadic aspect”, ensuring that acts are presented in the “right space, and to maximise enjoyment”.

This will also include early evening and daytime events, he adds. “As the name suggests, there is a STRING that joins all music lovers and most importantly dancers. We want our club to be an intergenerational one.

“On a personal level, I have spent many years clubbing and know moments of magic can happen at any time day or night. Naturally, Licensing laws are somewhat restrictive at present so an earlier start – sometimes with longer durations – will be a STRINGS hallmark.

Of course, the Dublin clubbing landscape that re-emerges from the pandemic is likely to be a somewhat quieter one, with the closure of several venues in recent years – meaning that the launch of STRINGS is much needed to breathe new air into the capital’s nightlife scene.

“Many venues and cultural spaces have closed and that is both sad and lamentable,” says Connaughton. “There are reasons to be optimistic that new spaces and approaches will emerge. There’s phenomenal energy and creativity in Irish music. In addition, groups like ‘Give Us The Night’ are achieving a lot on all of our behalfs.

“We believe people will be very excited to dance and come together, it’s been a while. That’s the first step to rebuilding the scene.”

To find out more information, or to book tickets, click here.

[Main image by Ben de Biel]

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