Reinier Zonneveld is pushing the boundaries of live music by training an AI model exclusively on his extensive music library. This endeavour, named R², elevates his renowned live performances, unlike traditional approaches, this concept involves a live B2B performance featuring Reinier and his AI counterpart, seamlessly integrating into his style.

This extraordinary AI model is uniquely crafted to autonomously compose tracks during the live show, utilising loops, samples, and other live elements in perfect harmony with Reinier’s on-stage improvisations. This initiative challenges the conventional norms of the music industry, introducing a completely new dimension to the art form. Reinier’s pioneering approach not only embraces technological advancements but also revitalises the live music experience with a refreshing and dynamic collaboration between the artist and the AI model.

Over the past few years, Reinier Zonneveld has crafted an AI model that transcends conventional boundaries, amplifying his legendary live performances. R², the AI model, was trained on 2000+ hours of original music and the recordings from 1000+ live shows spanning 15 years, focusing on capturing Zonneveld’s improvisational style. This extensive training distinguishes R² as an innovative B2B partner in the live performance domain, redefining norms as the AI seamlessly composes real-time tracks trained on Reinier’s extensive repertoire. This innovative approach challenges the art form, introducing a dynamic fusion of human creativity and artificial intelligence prowess.

R² will premiere on August 17th at Spaarnwoude, The Netherlands. 

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