reMarkable 2 review for musicians

The reMarkable 2 is the best tablet for writing, offering a natural feel that is much closer to using a pencil or pen on paper which is perfect for jotting down notes when you’re producing music.

I find it much more fun and natural to write on the reMarkable 2, so I’ve used it for various professional and personal purposes. For instance, I’ve been using it to take notes during product reviews and mix sessions in the studio, and I’ve found that I can stay more focused while writing on the reMarkable 2 than if I were using an app.

The reMarkable 2 is a gadget that offers the sensation of writing on standard paper but keeps your notes on the cloud and even converts your handwriting into editable text. This changes the game for music producers, who already have to battle constant distractions in the digital world while working at their computers. The easiest way to explain the reMarkable 2 is to say it’s a ” Kindle you can write on.” But that would be an understatement because there’s much more to this exciting device than meets the eye.

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