Nothing makes a party pop off more than a smashing remix to a timeless classic, which makes the idea of remixing popular songs seem like low-hanging fruit to newer producers who want to drive up their stream count.

But 999/1000 times, these remixes tend to be forgettable, immemorable, and add nothing to the original record. And it’s a shame to see producers toil away in the studio to make another remix nobody will listen to.

So to celebrate the release of her latest remix, we sat down with Arielle Free, a talented producer in her own right and host on BBC Radio 1,  to find out the secret to what it takes to have your remix of a timeless classic stand out to a radio show curator perspective like her.

Stream Arielle Free’s Latest Remix Below

Gorgon City has been on the steady climb to stardom for years, blending club-friendly records with infectious vocals and melodies. 

Taking the high energy of the group’s original release, Arielle has reworked it in her own fashion to include softer pianos and more space for the hypnotic vocal to work its magic. These are the exact decisions she’ll chat about in a second but before we dive into her advice, listen to the track below a few times over to really soak in what a masterclass in remixes this track truly is. 

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