One of the world’s actual super clubs, London’s Printworks has rightfully cemented its place as one of the most unique nightlife experiences around. Housed within an old newspaper printing factory, the Broadwick live team has created an experience that’s envied by clubbers all around the globe. 

The Line-ups sell out months in advance and consistently attract the most prominent names.

Most of the biggest events take place throughout the day every Saturday..

However, La Discothèque hosts a quarterly Friday night. This brings an entirely different vibe to proceedings and a diverse crowd. Unlike the Techno, House and Drum & Bass events hosted on Saturdays, La Discothèque has a uniquely fun, end-of-the-week quality to it. 

The artists are joined in their performance by drag queens, carnival dancers, and performers on stilts’ – contributing to the playful, not-too-serious – start to the weekend feel. The flip side to this is that with Friday nights, you inevitably attract a certain, shall we say, lary element to the crowd. There were far more aggressive and overly drunk attendees who seemed to be there for a “night on the town” rather than any kind of passion for the music.

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Printworks london - Via Printworks London Website

Printworks london – Via Printworks London Website

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