Techno don Richie Hawtin has partnered with his brother Matthew Hawtin on a new F.U.S.E. EP, to support the recent audio and visual art project undertaken by the pair.

The new EP, Syntax, follows on from the recent NFT F.U.S.E. release with Async Art, as part of the brothers’ Wave II concept on Async Music, a blockchain- based platform that allows musicians to create a changeable menu of audio composites that allow multiple versions of a single song.

The EP features the NFT-released Syntax [Two] as well as the more dancefloor-focused Syntax [One]. A second, remixed version of Syntax [Two] will be added to the release at a later date.

“Syntax’ envisions a future where art is fully malleable and evolves as it enters the public space,” Richie and Matthew Hawtin said in a statement.

“Instilled with principles to govern each iteration, works will weave themselves into the fabric of our lives and continue to develop in our extended reality.”

You can purchase Syntax from Richie Hawtin’s Bandcamp page by clicking here.

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