ROCKI and BNB Chain are joining forces to change an artist's life

ROCKI and BNB Chain are joining forces to change an artist’s life

ROCKI and BNB Chain are launching a global search for the next viral sensation song in a contest with $30,000 BUSD in prizes and a record deal for the winning submission.

Anyone, regardless of professional credits or skills, is encouraged to submit their song by August 18th, 2022. The top 100 finalists will have their song submissions scanned and analyzed by HITLAB’s Music Digital Nuance Analysis tool (DNA). 

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Using artificial intelligence and its patented technology, HITLAB analyzes the song’s hit potential and the quality of the vocal.

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The song submissions will also be reviewed by a panel of judges with extensive music industry experience, including Peter Rafelson, Grammy award and Billboard #1 producer, Guylaine Cléry, MD Virgin Music Services/UMG, Jean-Michel Bonard, Head of Music Business at Trace, and Michel Zgarka, President and CEO of HITLAB.

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