If you had the original RODECaster Pro, chances are you were pretty happy with it, and it became the hub of your audio content creation if you were a podcaster or did any recorded content. The original was one of the best solutions for podcasters on the market, with all the tools you needed in one box.

The second iteration of this product steps things up across the board and brings functionality that musicians and streamers will also appreciate. The unit was completely redesigned to broaden the use case for other audio content creators, not just podcasters.

We recently got our hands on this little beast and paired it up with the RODE PodMic and PSA1+ Boom Arm to test it out and give you our thoughts on it.


Who Is The RODECaster Pro II For?

The answer for the first version was simple; it was for podcasters and audio content creators looking for an all-in-one audio solution to improve the quality of their audio and workflow. The new version takes this a step further. It brings in functionality for other types of content creators looking for a mixing hub that is easy to use and will significantly improve the audio quality. This is more or less perfect for podcasters, streamers, and content creators doing audio, and something you should put at the center of your studio. If you are a musician looking for a mixing console, the RODECaster Pro 2 is worth considering if you want a reasonably priced solution for recording your band or multiple audio sources. The bottom line is that if you make recorded audio content and want to sound great, create a fast workflow to speed up productions, and have various input options – this is your machine.

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