Roland Aira Compact J-6 review

Anyone at NAMM 2022 can tell you that we live in the nu-Golden Age of analog synthesizers. With more boutique and budget-friendly hardware hitting the market than ever before, the amount of accessible synths that sound amazing is unprecedented. 

And to keep up, industry heavyweights are also ramping up their entry-level hardware offerings. One of Roland’s affordable synths is the Roland Aira Compact J-6.

With a $199 price tag, travel-friendly design, and various features, we decided it was high time to showcase what we love and what we don’t about this tiny little thing. 

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What Is The Roland Aira Compact J-6?

Roland Aira Compact J-6?

Above Is The Entire Aira Line of Budget Synths By Roland

Roland’s original and iconic Roland Juno-60 was a hardware synth that defined an entire generation of music. It set the stage for the better part of two decades of forward-thinking pioneers in the hardware synthesizer space.

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