Roland has announced the release of the GO:MIXER PRO-X audio mixer which is being touted as an ideal solution for mixing into smartphones and tablets. The mixer builds on the success of the GO:MIXER and GO:MIXER PRO, sporting an all new black finish.

If you create music videos, web shows, podcasts, or live streams with a phone or tablet, then this is something to take a serious look at. Audio quality can make or break your presentation, and your device’s built-in mic won’t cut it if you really want to impress your listeners and keep them engaged. With GO:MIXER PRO-X, you can connect and mix up to seven audio input sources with studio-quality.

According to Roland, the GO:MIXER PRO-X “excels as an audio interface for music apps like Roland’s own Zenbeats or GarageBand”. You can also use it as a standalone mixer for practice and performance.

Roland’s GO:MIXER PRO-X will be available in August 2021 for $150. You can find out more about the product on the Roland website.

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