When operating within the world of music recording and production, there is an age-old issue relating to the gear you use. 

Now I am not talking about Analog vs. Digital or what pedal gives you the best tone. I am talking about something much bigger than that; I am talking about gear transportation.

Roland’s new CB-RU10 is the perfect solution to the most complex question many producers and touring artists are asking; “What do I do with all my laptops, cables, synths, and studio toys on the road?” Simply put, this thing is a game changer and perfect for artists at any stage (not just the ones touring every weekend). So let’s dive into why you need to add this gear bag to your arsenal of studio toys. 

Why Would You Need A Roland CB-RU10?

Lately, gear manufacturers have been working towards making everything you need to make music as compact as possible, portable, and most of the time, affordable. This has resulted in the rise of the home studio and a massive increase in the ability for artists to collaborate and jam with one another regardless of whether they use a lot of hardware.

Due to this shift in accessibility, we now become more exposed to the challenges that come with this level of convenience, such as G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) or being less limited in access to creative tools and any anxieties that come along with it. With all this in mind, when considering the modern age we live in, it is not uncommon for your average musician to have their fair share of gear. I, for one, am no exception to this.

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