Roland, the world’s most iconic electronic musical instrument brand, is partnering with Roland Lifestyle to release a limited apparel collaboration through Ageless Galaxy (AGLXY). With this collection, Ageless Galaxy and Roland pay tribute to iconic instruments, such as the TR-808, JD-08, and JX-08, that have shaped the music industry into what it is today — bringing timeless classics into the modern era to create a legacy that influences generations beyond time.

GALAXY is a lifestyle brand inspired by the mentality of outer space exploration. Founded in 2013 by Tamish Aswani and Giorgi Krisno, their goal to leave a mark in the galaxy fuels their never-ending drive to do “Whatever it Takes” to survive. They’ve worked for top brands like Nike, MINI, Mercedes Benz, and PUMA to help these brands explore what’s unique about their own identities to foster that expression through localized art and culture-driven events. AGLXY products are cut, sewn, and printed, not ready-made, and packaging showcases screen-printed designs to make each buying experience special. 

Their flagship store in the obscure-to-many city of Jakarta, Indonesia, was conceptualized as a place to meet and exchange stories in support of tailor-made shopping experiences. And collaborations with hot boutiques like the Main Source in Norwich, England, and hot artists like Dalek in North Carolina, US, have shown the world it is possible to beat the odds of being from an obscure place and still make the most incredible stuff around.

Roland Lifestyle is an extension of Roland’s story dedicated to music, fashion, and culture. Roland Lifestyle has a mission to honor and thrive with its history to introduce Roland to the new generation with the help of apparel, products, and collaborations. 

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