Roland has recently updated its music creation app Zenbeats, now revealing the new and improved 3.0 edition. Zenbeats is a music creation app that keeps you in an effortless artistic flow. Get started on any mobile device or computer platform and make music anywhere, anytime. With its collection of both modern and legendary sounds, Zenbeats brings Roland’s history of innovation into a new, mobile-friendly format.

Whether you’re an emerging musician or an established producer, Zenbeats makes music creation easy. Build beats, compose full multitrack songs, or sample the world around you. Wherever you are, no matter what platform or device you use, capture your creative spark with Zenbeats.

When you open Zenbeats, everything you need to create is immediately at your fingertips. Drop a beat with the ZR1 Drum Sampler, sketch synth ideas with the ZC1 Synthesizer, record audio tracks, and mix masterpieces on the go. And when you need some extra fuel, you can access lessons, download song templates, browse Store sounds, and more within the app.

The app comes with four different payment options. The first is a free edition – providing the music production essentials and offering additional loops and presets which can be purchased in the Zenbeats store.

Once ready to upgrade, users have the choice of two one-time-purchase bundles. The more affordable is Platform Unlock which starts from $15. This edition incorporates all features, instruments, and effects on one platform, over 2,500 presets, loops and sounds as well as much more.

Meanwhile, the higher-end, Max Unlock payment plan provides these features across numerous devices and delivers over 8GB of data, as well as much more. This version is available now for $150.

Finally, users can also access the same benefits as seen with the Max Unlock by subscribing to a Roland Cloud Membership, with prices starting from $3 per month or $30 annually.

More information on Zenbeats can be found HERE.

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