roland streetwear

Roland’s TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines defined an entire generation of music and helped artists like DJ Dan and DJ Pierre break fresh ground in some of the most beloved dance-music genres.

And to commemorate the work the aforementioned artists did and the tools they used, Roland recently added some fresh new drip to the RolandLifestyle shop. 

Techy producers, Roland-brand enthusiasts, and all others who love the signature white-to-orange-to-black gradient which the TR-808 machines are known for will be thrilled to see new lines of TR-909 gear added to the shop.  

Released earlier in September to celebrate 2022’s 909 day (September 9th), the new additions will add a set comprised of one coach jacket, three t-shirts, and two hats to the lifestyle brand.

The supply of these TR-909 products is super limited. So check out each of the TR-909-centric additions here – including the t-shirt that features both DJ Pierre and DJ Dan.

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