Ross From Friends, the alias Felix Clary Weatherall, will release Tread, a new album on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder.

On Tread, Weatherall dials up the intricate and emotive qualities of his production style. It follows the British producer’s debut album, Family Portrait, and subsequent Epiphany single on Brainfeeder.

Weatherall wrote the entire release while confined over lockdown to a small stretch of the Old Kent Road in London—an area between his studio and his house. This was the same neighbourhood in which his Nan had worked in a sweet shop many years before, and where his Dad had attended various parties and squats. As Weatherall wrote the record, he spent a lot of time reflecting on his own life around this area: the parties he’d go to, different friends, relationships, houses he’s lived in and made tunes in.

“How things have changed over the past 10 years in south London can be mapped with the type of music I was listening to throughout various stages of living here,” he explains. “I’ve basically honoured all of these musical touchstones across the album, thinking about how those memories and the tunes attached have been etched into a permanent chronology that’s completely personal to me.”

Fundamental in recording Tread was a new plugin named Thresho, which starts recording once the audio hits a user-defined threshold, then stops once it goes below that threshold, automatically saving and indexing the resulting clips alongside timestamps. Weatherall designed it because he was frustrated by the friction to the creative process that arises when recording hardware and instruments through a computer—the constant need to catalog everything as you go. It’s available now via Ableton’s Max For Live platform.

Alongside the announcement, Weatherall has shared opener “The Daisy,” a bewitching club track that draws its name from one of the opening steps in solving the classic Rubik’s Cube puzzle. The single comes alongside a video which peers into the world of competitive speed-cubing.


01. The Daisy
02. Love Divide
03. Revellers
04. A Brand New Start
05. XXX Olympiad
06. Grub
07. Spatter/Splatter
08. Morning Sun In A Dusty Room
09. Run
10. Life In A Mind
11. Thresho_1.0
12. Thresho_1.1

Tread LP is scheduled for October 22 release. Meanwhile, you can stream opener “The Daisy” in full below and pre-order here.

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