RP Boo, real name Kavain Space, will release a new album on Planet Mu.

Established! is Space’s fourth full-length for the British label, dating back to Legacy, released in 2013, and it’s a tool to return to what he’s “soaked up over his journey” and to “remind people of the layers of connections between various Chicago dance musics.” Its 12 tracks reflect on the early days of the footwork and ghetto house genres, when he would go out listening to disco and linking with house creators. The album also hones in on the competitive nature of footwork, which of course comes from hip-hop and earlier forms of Black music. “I want the listeners to really get close to something beautiful,” Space told XLR8R.

Space was born in west Chicago and moved to the south-side in the ’80s. Like many of footwork’s originators, he was brought through into production through associations with the legendary house and juke dance clique House-O-Matics, DJing alongside DJ Deeon and DJ Milton. He learned to produce using a display model of the Roland R-70, a drum machine which gave access to all previous Roland drum sounds and the ability to punch in rhythms on the fly. His music is unusual in footwork, featuring raps and dialogue adopted from juke, often in combination with sharp-edged samples, giving some tracks a paranoid atmosphere.


01. All My Life
02. How 2 Get It Done!
03. Haters Increase The Heat!
04. Oh!
05. Finally Here (feat. Afiya)
06. All Over
07. Just Like That!
08. Be Of It!
09. Now U Know!
10. Ivory Surface
11. Beauty Speak Of Sounds
12. Another Night To Party

Established! LP is scheduled for September 13 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “All My Life” and “Finally Here” feat. Afiya in full below, and pre-order here.

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