Inspired by the movies Ryan Davis grew up watching with soundtracks by James Horner, Thomas Newman, and Jóhann Jóhannsson, ‘Through The Mirror Glass’ is Ryan’s first full-length foray into cinematic electronic music.

The album’s second single, ‘Waialeale’, takes inspiration and samples from an island in Hawaii. Its micro-climate means clouds get stuck between the volcanoes and mountains, creating the most humid place on earth. As the track opens, you can hear the island breathing, and the tinkering piano and spaced-out synths are an extension of the magic the island holds.

Ryan Davis teamed up with Anjunadeep for the first time in 2016 with a series of EPs showcasing the melodic, down-tempo side of his artistry. He’d long wanted to create a full-length project for Anjuna, so when Above & Beyond launched Reflections in 2022, Davis knew he’d found the perfect home for his next album. “With electronic music, I have access to a never-ending palette of sounds,” Davis says. “This album has been inside me for ages, but computers just weren’t good enough. I didn’t know how to arrange notes to create an orchestra or to record a violin, but now Spitfire Audio has built these incredible samples. I have BBC One’s orchestra at my fingertips.”

Ultimately, Ryan Davis hopes ‘Through The Mirror Glass’ will act as a sonic space to reflect and hold fragile memories.

“The mirror glass is a way to look at yourself. And simultaneously look behind you, at what’s brought you to this point.” – Ryan Davis

‘Through The Mirror Glass’ is out on the 5th of December on Reflections. You can Pre-order/Buy the album HERE.

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