bohemian review

Sample Logic

Music producers are constantly on the hunt for new and exciting sounds to push their productions forward, and with the rising popularity of genres like organic house and another more ethnic-focused palette, the need for a very specific style of worldly instruments has never been in higher demand. 

Need Free Kontakt LIbraries? We Got You…

But recreating the nuanced and timbre-rich instruments like tongue drums and didgeridoos can be near impossible in sample-based instruments. Even the most powerful ones on the market, like Native Instruments Kontakt, can sometimes struggle to recreate the sounds authentically. 

At least until Sample Logic stepped up to the plate and released one of the best shamanistic sample libraries from Kontakt out there on the market. 

So let’s dive into everything you need to know about Sample Logic’s Bohemian library so that you can decide whether your not you need it for your deep house, organic house, or any other tracks, regardless of genre, that you’re making. 

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