satin jackets nu disco

Satin Jackets’ signature sound has made him a mainstay in many worlds. Whether it’s his warm vocal takes, funk bass lines, grooving percussions, or unique live sets, his signature nu-disco sound has something for everyone to fall in love with. 

But achieving such a signature nu-disco sound is more accessible said than done, and it can often seem like magic how producers like Satin Jackets do what they do in the studio. 

So we decided to lock him down, pick his brain, and discover precisely what plugins he’s using to make amazing Nu-Disco songs. 

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Satin Jackets’ newest single is the North Star of what Nu-Disco producers should aim for in their productions. It’s funky, clean, warm, and arresting. 

So before Satin Jackets breaks down his favorite synths that went into the making of this track, give the single a few listens so that your ears can studio the exact timbres and nuances in the track that these plugins help you achieve. 

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