Satoshi Tomiie and Naotake Gunji have announced a forthcoming EP that captures the duo’s recent ‘A_A’ project and live show in New York, which took place recently at the Fridman Gallery in Manhattan.

A_A is a project that seeks to explore ‘the tension between floor-centric electronic music and improvised sound/audio performance, where found sounds and object-activated sounds often share the sonic space with fragments from the artist’s roots in house, jazz, R&B, and dub’.

The resulting EP, titled Diskordant, will be released on Artificial Owl Recordings on 30 April, and is limited to 300 orange opaque 12” copies. It can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp.

The two producers presented their work at the gallery in New York, utilising analog machines and object-activated sounds, which were initially created during studio sessions. These sounds underwent transformation and improvisation through reconstruction and sample synthesis in front of the live audience.

According to a press release, ‘dub techno and ambient experimental sounds are the recipe in this live performance, that will both send you on a sonic meditative trip and also make you want to dance.’

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