NTIA’s Savenightlife CIC and Lady of the House are teaming up to support women who live, work or play in the night time industry. With a Call to Action to raise awareness and address the real challenges faced on a daily basis, whilst recognising their achievement and contributions to the sector. They are kicking off the partnership with a survey launched to dig deeper into the experiences of women in the industry on matters relating to inclusion, sexual harassment, and safety. Findings will later be presented in a public report and form the basis of a Call to Action. 

Take part in the ‘Evidence for Womens’ Inclusion and Safety survey here.The partnership will follow the three pillars created by The Lady of The House to celebrate, champion and honour women in the night time industry with joint initiatives including;

  • Celebrate – To award women in the industry for their excellent work on a regional level by recognising their merits 
  • Champion – To elevate women with coaching, mentoring and education through workshops, webinars and networking events. 
  • Honour – Creating sector respect of women by protecting their safety and wellbeing across the sector whilst upholding the legacy of women’s pivotal role  within the industry 

Laila Mckenzie Founder of Lady of the House & Co-Author of the book said:
“We are creating a continuous blueprint for our community to ensure that womens visibility, legacy, and space is respected, protected and valued. Working with Silvana Kill and Savenightlife will enable this to be rolled out into the Night Time Industry with lasting impact.”

Silvana Kill, Director of Operations, NTIA and Savenightlife said:
“Lady of the House  has helped us to bring the music industry’s answer to systematic change, with our new found partnership- “Savenightlife x Lady of the House”. Our goal is to mentor, award and prioritise the safety of women within the industry.” 

“The challenges faced by women as they navigate their careers is a key focus for Savenightlife, where the aim is to empower individuals and encourage them to use their skills to reach their full potential. To do this, it’s imperative we engage with women across every sector in order to learn about their experiences on the ground, and offer solutions to the barriers and biases too frequently faced.”

“In depth engagement and input from everyone is critical to our Call to Action mission, and armed with that knowledge, our Partnership aims to steer towards positive cultural change. By removing the opportunity for the embedding of subconscious biases, cultures begin to form that are solely based on respect, productivity and high performance, from the ground up all the way to the board, creating a safe, dynamic and culturally diverse workplace that benefits all.”

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