Anthony Collins‘ and Francis Harris‘ Scissor and Thread will release a new EP from Will Long.

Will Long is an American artist who curates and manages the label Two Acorns. He has been producing music since 2005, in various forms under his own name for DJ Sprinkles’ Comatonse Recordings, and as Celer for his own label and many others.

He debuts on Scissor and Thread with Too Much.

The lead track is a lush, loose deep jam that combines wistful, warm pads with an insistent groove and choice samples.

“A midnight meditation of intentional simplicity, strained, and on that night train,” says Long.

Francis Harris steps up to provide one of his signature reforms, adding a little more percussion and drive to the track, while DJ Aakmael (a.k.a Greg Stewart) offers up another version that takes the track even deeper, adding some additional instrumentation and raw sounds.

For more information on Francis Harris, check out his XLR8R feature here and his podcast here.


01. Too Much
02. Too Much (Francis Harris Reform)
03. Too Much (DJ Aakmael Remix)

Too Much EP is scheduled for January 26 digital release. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here and stream the lead cut below.

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